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Customer Service Professionals Focus on Building Profession, Union

CWA’s customer service advocate network committee has put together an extensive program for this year’s customer service professionals conference focused on moving forward on critical issues for CWA’s

New Canadian Guild Unit Could Help Put the Brakes on Newspaper Offshoring

Workers at Pagemasters, which provides editorial, layout and production services to newspapers, have joined the Canadian Media Guild, CWA/SCA.

William Harwell, 75, Retired AA to Two Secretary-Treasurers

William (“Bill”) Harwell, a longtime member and retired administrative assistant to two former CWA Secretary-Treasurers, died Oct. 13 at the age of 75.

Delta Flight Attendants: ‘I Voted for a Better Life!’

Delta flight attendants are sharing their stories of enthusiasm about having a union voice on the AFA-CWA Delta organizing website at

CWAers Get Out the Vote for Nov. 2

With less than three weeks until the Nov.

GOP Abuses Senate Rules to Block Nobel Economist from Federal Reserve Board

Proving there’s no end to the abuse of Senate rules, Alabama Republican Richard Shelby is refusing to lift his “hold” on Federal Reserve Board nominee Peter Diamond even though the acclaimed economist

Chamber’s Ads Attack Pro-Worker Candidates In Areas Hit Hard by Offshoring

More than 1.4 million jobs have been offshored in the nine states where the U.S.

‘Job Tracker’ Makes it Easy to Find Local Employers Sending Jobs Overseas

Want to know if companies in your town are sending American jobs overseas? The AFL-CIO and Working America have made it as easy as entering your Zip code and clicking “Search.”

Julian Modjeski, 89, Retired AA to District 4 Vice President

Julian Modjeski, one of CWA’s longest-serving activists, died Sept. 17 at age 89.

Local Newsletter Spotlight: Great Pictures Make Puerto Rico’s UPAGRA a Standout

The colorful and newsy bimonthly publication from UPAGRA in Puerto Rico, part of TNG-CWA Local 33225, is the first of many local newsletters that we will feature here every few weeks.

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