How Tennessee's Covid Law Applies to AT&T employees.

Tennessee passed a new covid law. The law states that “a private business, governmental entity, school, or local education agency shall not compel or otherwise take an adverse action against a person to compel the person to provide proof of vaccination if the person objects to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine for any reason”. Here is a link to the Tennessee Covid Law /site/sites/default/files/files/Tennessee Covid Bill.pdf. Tennessee does allow employers like AT&T who are contractors to the federal government to apply for an exemption if their vaccine policy is necessary to comply with the Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate. AT&T has applied for the exemption in Tennessee and has received the exemption. Here is a link to AT&T's exemption exemption only applies to employees that are co-located with employees who are working on or in connection with federal government contracts. The locations in our local that we have been made aware of that have employees working on federal government contracts are 9733 Parkside Drive in Knoxville and 410 Magnolia in Knoxville. AT&T will be bringing employees who work directly or in connection with federal government contracts back to these locations on February 1, 2022. Employees who work at these locations and have not been vaccinated or received a job accommodation received an email stating that they need to do so. Here is a link to a generic copy of the letter /site/sites/default/files/files/Tennessee law_Fed Gov DRAFT Comms.pdf.

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